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The Approach

We have been trained in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® approach to health. FDN® is a systematic health restoration program in which the goal is to find and correct the root causes of bodily malfunction and health complaints. By using functional diagnostic lab work, FDN® involves a process of investigating, analyzing, and continuous course correction until optimal function of the body is achieved.

Focus on the Underlying Cause, not the Symptom
Health is built by addressing the causal factors of disease, instead of merely attempting to silence the symptoms. Symptoms are a result and a sign of a deeper disturbance or malfunction in the body. Only treating the symptoms is like avoiding the messages that the body is sending; to achieve true wellness the root cause and treatments must eventually be addressed.

Don’t Guess. Test
Functional lab work is at the heart of the Hypothyroidism.Solutions (Wilde for Health) approach to health. By utilizing non-invasive laboratory tests, our practitioners obtain accurate and conclusive data which allows us to identify the specific areas in your body that need to be addressed. Many times these imbalances are hidden and can only be discovered through lab testing. Labs focus on the areas of the hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production, nervous systems (H.I.D.D.E.N.) as well as food sensitivities and nutrient insufficiencies, making the program comprehensive. Subsequent retesting and symptom surveys allow us to chart improvements as the client progresses through the program.

We also hold the utmost respect for biochemical individuality and seek to tailor a program for each person, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Good Health is By Choice, Not by Chance
Ultimately, our focus is based on a self-care model in which the client is empowered through education to take responsibility and control of his or her own health. Surprisingly, one of our goals is that we find ourselves less and less needed as the client learns their own body and continues to grow in knowledge. The true champion in this process is not the practitioner; it is the client and their efforts. In this way, clients are given the ability and confidence to make the best choices for their future health.

Differences between the traditional western medical model and the FDN® model

Traditional Western Medical Model Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Model
Goal Suppress or control symptoms by blocking normal body function Identify and remove factors that block healing
Results Silenced symptoms and the illusion of health Better function and feel better, addressed underlying issues leading to true wellness
Time-Frame Short-term, but results fade Long-term, but results stay
Focus Particular disease/isolated part of the body Patient/body as a whole, integrated system
Champion Physician, drug, or surgical procedure Patient and their efforts
Method Outside-in Inside-out

(the body’s innate healing ability is released by healthy living)

Education Usually lacking, just enough info to take the drug as prescribed Fundamental part, patient fully understands what and why; empowered and expected to take control of their own health
Nutrition Program Rarely, not customized Yes, customized to your individual body chemistry
Detoxification Program No Yes