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My Experience with Cancer

My Experience with Cancer


depositphotos_62683375_m-2015-12016 started out with a bang! The realization that I had cancer! Let me explain….

Back in December 2015, I had visited my endocrinologist. I made sure to get regular checkups as I have an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s. The definition of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis by the Merriam Webster dictionary is as follows: “a chronic autoimmune thyroiditis that is characterized by thyroid enlargement, thyroid fibrosis, lymphatic infiltration of thyroid tissue, and the production of antibodies which attack the thyroid and that occurs much more often in women than men and increases in frequency of occurrence with age.”

Knowing that with any disease, it is best to monitor with your doctor, I made sure to routinely do so. So, back in December 2015 when my doctor recommended doing a routine biopsy for a suspicious goiter which had grown rather fast, I decided it would be best to act on her recommendation.

The results of the initial biopsy came back as “atypical,” meaning that my doctor could not definitely say “yes, you have cancer,” or” no, you do not have cancer.” My doctor then used the second biopsy sample for additional testing to see if I had the genes more likely to have thyroid cancer. The results did show that I had the genes to more likely have thyroid cancer and my risk went from 25 % to a 40% increased risk of having cancer.  My endocrinologist  then recommended that I consult with a local surgeon to have a partial thyroidectomy– the left and isthmus portions where both goiters were located.

However, I just could not stand the thought of having surgery without knowing whether or not I truly had cancer.  Having such an important gland surgically removed that regulates so many bodily functions such as: basal metabolic rate, body temperature, appetite, cholesterol levels, promotes expulsion of glucose for energy, etc….just did not sit right with me.

As holistically minded as I am, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find out if I truly did had cancer. While checking out a friends Facebook page, I noticed a YouTube video, titled, “Oncology Nurse Quits After Discovering Nutrition Heals Cancer” The interviewer was Chris Wark from Chrisbeatcancer.com. I was truly intrigued and needed to find out more! So, what was my first step?  To contact the oncology nurse, Valerie Warwick,  that Chris was interviewing about different cancer treatments. Valerie hosts a wonderful website, the Wellness Tutor, in case you are interested. Valerie told me that there is a blood test from R.G.C.C. (Research Genetic Cancer Centre, LTD) called the Oncocount that can detect whether or not individuals have isolated tumor stem cells in their blood. (This blood test is aka the “Greek test”). Because once you have a cancerous tumor in your body, this tumor releases tumor stem cells in your blood. And, this is why individuals continue to have a re-occurrence of cancer once the tumor is removed. You see, these tumor stem cells continue to circulate until they finally end up somewhere else in the body.

So, two weeks after having this initial test (R.G.C.C. Oncocount test), I received the results. The results indicated that I was positive, +/- 2 cells/ml of malignant cells, confirming I truly did have cancer. Wow, that was a shock! While doing hours of research, I remember watching a YouTube video of a woman talking about her cancer diagnosis.  I will never forget her saying that she couldn’t explain the feeling of being told that she had cancer. I have to concur with what she said….it was truly scary!

The next step would be to decide how to treat this cancer. And, the first step was to have R.G.C.C., run their chemical sensitivity test which details which natural supplements and chemo drugs would be most effective using my initial blood sample. The results are divided into 3 classes of biological/natural substances based on how they effect the cancer cells along with how effective each natural substance would be for each individual: class I are cytotoxic agents (toxic to the cancer cells), class II,  immuno-modulatory effects (helps regulate the immune system) and class III, growth factor inhibitors (inhibits the growth of cancer). For instance, under class I (cytotoxic agents) the following natural substances were found to most effective for me:  Agaricus Blazei Murill (25%), B17 (15%), Artecin (35%), ascorbic acid (20%), class II (immuno-modulatory effects) Virxcan (10%) and class III (growth factor inhibitors) that were found to most effective were curcumin (25%), Genistein (35%), Indol3 carbinol (15%), quercetin (25%). Note that this is individually based. So, what is good for me may not be necessarily good for you. And this is why a standard chemo treatment may be good for one individual person and not the other. Anyways, based on these results, I started a natural supplement regime in order to help kill and inhibit the growth of cancer.

Additionally, I found an alternative doctor that could help me put into place a plan that could help me treat the cancer in a more holistic manner. His recommendation was to use traditional methods as well as holistic. So, in April 2016, I scheduled to have a partial thyroidectomy (left and isthmus to be removed) with special instructions from my alternative doctor not to have any radiation.

However, prior to my surgery, I wanted to confirm the location of the cancer. As I knew I had the presence of cancer tumor stem cells in the blood indicating cancer, I still did not know the location. And, I did not want to have my thyroid removed and then find out I had cancer elsewhere.  There is another blood test called the ONCOblot which will tell you the location of the cancer. The blood test indicated that I did indeed had thyroid cancer. So, now I knew for sure that I was definitely going to have surgery to remove the goiters in the left side of the thyroid and the isthmus.

After my surgery, I used the natural supplements found to be effective on the R.G.C.C. test along with vitamin C IV’s and hyperthermia/oxygen treatments (HOCATT) to kill any cancer cells in the blood. Just in case you didn’t know, cancer cells do not like heat or oxygen. That is why I used those treatments.

I am now continuing to do follow up testing to make sure there are no more detection of cancer cells.

In case you missed my last blog about why I am specializing in working with those with hypothyroidism plus all of the tools I have to help those with unresolved symptoms to uncover the root cause of hypothyroidism, you can find that here.







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