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Below you will find resources, specifically Gluten-Free Resources and Upcoming events that you may find of interest to attend.

Under the Gluten-Free Resources, you will find the following available items:

  • Sources of Gluten:  Here you will find a list of the many possible sources of gluten in packaged foods beyond the typical sources of wheat, barley and rye such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, modified food starch, natural flavorings, etc… Download Now!
  • Austin GF Restaurants:  I have taken a great deal of time to research restaurants in the Austin area that provide gluten-free options. This by no means is an exhaustive list or any guarantee that your meal will by 100% gluten-free. However, these are options I have either tried myself or found to offer gluten-free options in my research. Download Now!
  • Tips on eating out on a special diet:  This information details how to eat out on a special diet. This is the best advice that I have ever seen on how to protect yourself from gluten contamination when out to eat. Download Now!
  • Gluten Free Resources:  Here you will find other great resources from books, reliable information from other sources, Celiac disease and Gluten-Free diet videos and gluten-Free blogs. Download Now!

Upcoming Events: Here you will find upcoming events that I will be attending as an exhibitor, workshops or teleclass’ that I am offering or other functions that you may find of interest.