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Why I am Specializing in working with those with Hypothyroidism

Why I am Specializing in working with those with Hypothyroidism


I have known that I have had hypothyroidism since 2008 and most of the time since then, I have felt lousy. Since I could not get the needed answers from my regular doctors as to why, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find answers. My main struggles have been fatigue and brain fog. And, I knew that there had to be answers as to why I had symptoms. So, in 2012 I decided to get certified as a health coach. As it has definitely been a piece of the puzzle that was missing, I knew that there was still more.

In 2015, I found a certification program, called Functional  Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN), to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist which gave me even more tools to not only help myself, but others. In fact, I graduated from the FDN® program the day before my thyroid surgery! (Note: next blog will discuss my experience with thyroid cancer, so stay tuned!)

I now have at my disposal, a battery of testing to help others in their health journey so that they too can fine tune their health.  I am able to order testing that looks at cortisol levels (a.m., noon, afternoon, & nighttime), DHEA, Cortisol/DHEA Ratio,  hormones levels (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone & melatonin) plus other metabolic assessment indicators such as urinary indican (an assessment of protein digestion, dysbiosis, SIBO, and malabsorption states), urinary lipid peroxides ( an indicator of oxidative stress  which can result from exposure to toxins, pathogens, & inappropriate lifestyle factors such as over-exercising and smoking or byproducts of normal metabolism) and urinary bile acids (elevated bile acids in urine represent bile acids that were not cleared by the liver, indicting liver dysfunction). I also have other assessments in my tool box such as the Genova Intestinal permeability Assessment testing (indicates the health of the mucosal barrier & immune system), Biohealth 401H (stool test to test for the presence of parasites, bacteria and fungus), and the Oxford Biomedical-Mediator Release Test (MRT) (quantifies the inflammatory response to foods and food chemicals).

Using these results, along with any other pertinent information and a list of the clients health complaints, I am able to assist my clients in finding ways to heal the body naturally. What is interesting is that all of a client’s health complaints may stem from a handful, or maybe just one, malfunction in the body. But, by identifying healing opportunities, we can give our clients the tools in the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Program to actually get well and stay well, naturally.

Another reason that I would like to work with those with hypothyroidism, is that since my experience with thyroid cancer, I have learned a great deal that I can share with others and hopefully help them avoid things that I could have possibly prevented myself.

One of the most awe inspiring moments was when I was working with my alternative cancer doctor and realized that he too offers many of the same tests that I do. This was the moment that I realized that I too was working to find the root cause (through the use of testing) of illness and then institute a plan to heal naturally.

If you are interested in finding out if this program is right for you, you can schedule a complimentary assessment here. I look forward to helping you in your health journey!

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