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Healthier Pecan Pie Gluten-Free and Vegan too!

Pecan Pie Makes one 9-inch pie Recently, I traveled to California to hang with family,  and see the sights of southern California.  But, what is a trip without a little exploring? While in the Santa Monica area, it was recommended  by a friend that I check out this restaurant, Cafe Gratitude. This place is amazing!!!! I am in no way a vegan or a raw foodie (but I do enjoy adding these  types of foods into my  overall diet), but I have to admit that Cafe Gratitude has the best vegan/raw foods as well.  I was so impressed that I went back for more before returning home! And,  since I was so dazzled with their recipes, I bought one of their cookbooks. Upon my return, I noticed that the cookbook included a recipe for  a yummy looking pecan...