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Healthier Holiday Appetizers to Share

Are you looking for a few heart healthy recipes for your holiday gathering? Maybe this holiday season you would like to bring your own appetizers to share if you are going elsewhere or perhaps for your own holiday gathering that you are hosting yourself. As this is the time of year that many of us want to focus on the spirit of the season while still watching our waistline. Below, you will be able to accomplish both of these goals with these healthy, yet delicious recipes and healthy foods. I am including 3 separate recipes for you to enjoy. 1. Spinach Dip Spinach’s vibrant color is not only eye-catching – but also full of nourishment. To collect spinach leaves with greater amounts of vitamin C, look for leaves which...

Healthier Pecan Pie Gluten-Free and Vegan too!

Pecan Pie Makes one 9-inch pie Recently, I traveled to California to hang with family,  and see the sights of southern California.  But, what is a trip without a little exploring? While in the Santa Monica area, it was recommended  by a friend that I check out this restaurant, Cafe Gratitude. This place is amazing!!!! I am in no way a vegan or a raw foodie (but I do enjoy adding these  types of foods into my  overall diet), but I have to admit that Cafe Gratitude has the best vegan/raw foods as well.  I was so impressed that I went back for more before returning home! And,  since I was so dazzled with their recipes, I bought one of their cookbooks. Upon my return, I noticed that the cookbook included a recipe for  a yummy looking pecan...