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The Solutions

People are facing unprecedented levels of health problems

Look below….can you relate to one or a multitude of these symptoms?

In our experience, we find that many of our clients show up with one or more symptoms and most have had symptoms for months and even years without relief; many of their symptoms are related to a long-term chronic stress-related disorder.

And, we as natural health care providers like to remind our clientele that being sick is Not normal. If you present with any of the following symptoms, you are in the right place to heal naturally.

Typical Hypothyroid symptoms:

  • Fatigue: feeling tired or sluggish
  • Brain fog: mental sluggishness
  • Weight gain despite adhering to a low-calorie diet
  • Depression and lack of motivation
  • Feeling cold hands, feet, all over
  • Require excessive amounts of sleep to function well
  • Thinning of hair on scalp, face, or genitals, or excessive hair loss
  • Dryness of skin and/or scalp
  • Difficult, infrequent bowel movements
  • Morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses
  • Outer third of eyebrow thins

Applies to other symptoms as well:

  • Allergies, acne, and rosacea
  • High blood sugar, diabetes
  • Insomnia, wakefulness
  • Headaches, fogginess
  • Indigestion, bloating
  • Fatigue, lethargy, malaise
  • Inflammation, pain, asthma, Restless leg syndrome
  • Low sex drive, PMS, irregular cycles
  • Anxiety, emotional fragility
  • Hypertension, cholesterol problems

Most client’s we speak to ask three questions: “Do you know what’s wrong with me?”, “Can you help me?” and “Have you helped others like me?” The answer is “Yes!” to all those questions. See below for further explanation to each of the questions: 

Do you know what’s wrong with me?

Yes, when our clients come to us, they have already been to many doctors; and at this point, they are told that everything looks normal. Many have been told that their blood work looks normal and they start to think that it is all in their head.  In essence, what they find is that they do not fit into the regular medical model.  However, as an FDN practitioners, we fill the gap and can assist our clients in uncovering their body’s malfunctions.

Can you help me?

Yes! As health detectives, we can identify the biochemical and metabolic imbalances that are behind your current health complaints.  If you are committed as much as we are to your health, and willing to do the work, we will help you identify the healing opportunities and we will work together on getting you better by using natural protocols to restore your body back to normal function.

Have you helped others like me?

Yes, we can definitely help you. In fact, 1,000’s have been helped just like you!

Now that you know that we can help, are you ready to start your health journey? If so, here are your next steps….

Step 1: Complete Health Evaluations

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your health history, current health complaints, health goals, nutrition, and any current medications and supplements you are currently taking. These are in-depth discussions, so you are encouraged to spend some time prior to our meeting making a list of questions, concerns, and observations concerning your health. We consider all information pertinent to your health, so the more detailed information you provide, the better.

Based on our initial discussion, we will recommend certain functional lab testing, which may include saliva, urine, blood, or stool samples. Most lab samples are very easy to obtain and are completed in the convenience of your own home. The lab results will provide us with a current and thorough assessment of how various systems in your body are functioning.

Step 2: Custom Plans based on Scientific Lab Results

After you have completed the recommended lab testing, we will create a comprehensive analysis of the results. These results will reveal the biochemical and metabolic imbalances that are behind your current health complaints. We will also tailor a program to address these imbalances that may include education pertaining to natural and botanical supplements and remedies, as well as lifestyle factors such as stress management, diet, sleep, appropriate exercise, and adequate hydration.

Step 3: Program Length and Commitment

Due to the unique nature of each client’s underlying health issues, there is no preset length of time we will need to work together, but do expect to work closely with me for a minimum of 3 months. Our approach is built on a foundation of shared commitment between client and practitioner. We will be with you each step of the way to encourage you, track your progress, focus your efforts, and empower you with the latest information so you can make informed lifestyle choices and take an active role in your future health.

Our systematic health restoration includes the following elements:

  1. Functional lab testing to identify the malfunctions and healing opportunities within the Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification, Energy Production and Nervous Systems (H.I.D.D.E.N.). These hidden internal stressors and dysfunctions highly correlate with the most common health complaints.
  1. Drugless protocols & behavior modifications are recommended that support the body’s innate healing ability. We follow the D.R.E.S.S. (diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplements) for Health Success® Self-Care system which is essential to healing.
  1. We provide transformational Coaching techniques with weekly or bi-monthly meetings depending on your needs and/or goals. We will continue to check your progress, evaluate any course correction needed, honest feedback & accountability, answer any questions and discuss any possible retesting for further troubleshooting.